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dave lewis: GEAR etc

New stuff coming soon...

I am mixing and mastering new tracks in my home studio at the moment. I will be posting these up soon on this site and other social media outlets.

Thanks for listening and keep checking in.

Dave Lewis

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ON this page can be found more information (sounds, video clips and news) about ROADHOUSE plus reviews of various pieces of gear related to live and recorded sound. Some reviews have links to relevant YOU TUBE clips too.

Roadhouse Band

Roadhouse  feature Dave Lewis: Guitar and vocals, Suzy Ann Smith: Guitar and vocals, Pierre Thirlby: Guitar and Vocals and Tiberius Smith on drums.


This year 2016 a series of gigs is planned across the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas as follows: the Oakfest in June and a return to the much vaunted Haddenham beer festival too. All these gigs are free.Further details of these gigs can be found under LIVE DATES on the site Home page.



Roadhouse play "Americana" the music of working class, mid west America. It's an upbeat blend of dance orientated covers from the worlds of old country, nu-country and old school rock n roll. 



For more information about Roadhouse including booking and diary please contact the band at: or 07814 367187


My beautiful Beth R.I.P - November 18, 2015

On August 24th 2015 I lost my beautiful wife and partner of 25 years to breast cancer. She fought long and hard to stay with us. We thought we had longer. It was not to be...

One of Beth's supported charities when she was alive was Breast Cancer Now. Why not help others in their fight against this cruel disease by donating money on-line? Together we can conquer this illness and live on...

Guitars etc - November 18, 2014


Fender Telecaster American Deluxe Thinline 2015

Ernie Ball Musicman Silhouette 1997

Fender Telecaster Custom 1978

Fender Stratocaster American Standard 1995

Gibson 335 2016

Gretsch 6120 DSW Chet Atkins 2015

PEDALBOARD (currently...):

SKB powered by Visual Sound One Spot

TC Electronic Micro tuner

Nocturne Dyna Brain pre-amp

Keeley Compressor

Xotic EP Booster

Wampler Paisley Drive

MXR Phase 90

TC Electronic Corona Chorus

BOSS RE 20 Space Echo

ZVEX Loop gate and this runs into...


Fender Princeton 110

Fender Champ XD (modified with Eminence Ragin Cajun 110)



MARTIN DC16 GTE 2013 (Electro acoustic, Spruce top and Sapele back and sides)

MARTIN D15 2006 (All Mahogany)

MARTIN D1X12 2009 (Spruce top HPL back and sides)

MARTIN LX1 2009 (Spruce top and HPL back and sides)

WASHBURN EA 45 1989 (Electro acoustic, Cedar top, rosewood back and sides)

ROADHOUSE Live at the King's Head, Buckingham - May 19, 2014

ROADHOUSE live! Formerly known as Thirlby, Lewis, Smith and Smith live at the King's Head, Buckingham, March 16th 2013. Dave Lewis plays Fender Telecaster Custom (1978).

 Band features: Suzy Smith, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar; Dave Lewis, Electric Guitar and Vocals; Pete Thirlby, Bass and Chris Smith, Drums.

See LIVE DATES for up to date information about forthcoming ROADHOUSE gigs this summer (2014)

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Shure SM 81 review - June 17, 2012

Picked this up some months ago and it recently made its home studio debut recording a Martin D12X1 12 string acoustic guitar (q.v for review of this instrument below.) Airy, "feathery" sound that requires very little EQ and virtually no combing which in my "live" studio setting is quite something. Captures that much lauded 70's acoustic guitar sound made famous by James Taylor. Not cheap at circa £280 but worth it. Verdict? Great Mic and a must buy for recording engineers looking to capture an authentic acoustic guitar sound.

Review of ROLAND/BOSS RE 20 - April 24, 2012

Just picked up one of these on recommendation. Being a complete DELAY addict I couldn't resist really. I already possess a BOSS DM2 (very rare now reader), Electro-harmonix Deluxe Memory Man and EH Holy Grail as well as countless other pedals and software that add to the stable- SOUNDTOYS Echoboy being worthy of particular mention here. Anyway, the lowdown on the BOSS RE 20 is as follows:

A great pedal combining a retro feel and sound in a new TWIN PEDAL package. Easy to programme or - ahem- adjust. It possesses a dial for the presets and you can adjust the usual delay time, volume, repeat rate;

This is designed to replicate a 1970s Roland Space Echo and does so very well for a fraction of the relative price;

This is a clear and clean repeat which is a major advantage and though limited in its programmability and range of sounds, all the "classics" (slap-back, Dick Dale surf,  David Gilmour and Floyd, Edge-like rhythmic patterns) are here.

Price paid? £185 (you will need to shell out a further £22 for a PSU though I didn't need to since I ran it off a pedalboard) and well worth it and not just for Delay addicts either. I would too if I were you...

Martin LX1 review - March 9, 2010

How do Martin do what they do? Is it just the name that seduces you? The legacy? The great players past and present who have ploughed the furrow before? Or just the combination of craftsmanship and passion for instrument making that has lasted the test of time?

I bought this little gem as a "traveller" to accompany me on various jaunts westwards to South Wales thinking it would be convenient to travel and relatively light on my middle-aged shoulders. It certainly lives up to its name there, being billed as a "travel" guitar. The body is HPL composite "wood" with a spruce top and gives a light and relatively full tone considering its 3/4 size. It is particularly good sounding with a Capo on the second fret , tuned to DADGAD or even (wince...) DADAAD to replicate the tuning of a tenor style guitar. Martin recommend their medium range of strings which tends towards raising the action a tad but this allows for a fuller sounding tone without compromising the playability of the instrument. It comes supplied with a Martin-branded soft gig-bag which enhances the joy of ownership too.


This is the second "plastic" Martin I've purchased- the D12X1 also reviewed elsewhere on this site and I'm not disappointed either. Bear in mind these are still entry-level Martins and not cheap either but in terms of "bang for buck" or "pound for pound" they pass muster. I've recorded with it and with some EQ combing in Logic Pro it produced a highly satisfactory sound- it's no D45 or even a D15/16 but that's not what you've got here. If you are in the market for a £300 pound "traveller" that carries a great name and need a guitar that packs a low luggage footprint then this could be just the (train/plane) ticket to ride. There is also an electro acoustic version of same guitar available called the LXE- this might also be worth checking out.

Anyway, I like it...

Martin D12X1 REVIEW... - May 29, 2009

Just purchased a MARTIN D12X1- a so-called mid-price 12 string acoustic. I've got a few MARTINS already and love the tone especially from my Mahogany D15 which I've had for a couple of years already. This one is a beauty too. Lovely airy tone and playable up the neck too- the usual downfall of a 12 string at this price level. These I am sure state that they are made in Mexico but mine has a Made in Pennsylvania, USA inside the soundbox. All new versions of this instrument are now electro acoustic FOR THE SAME MONEY as before. So that's put the hex on any resale for me. But I won't be selling. For the sound, the vibe, the action and (rarely for a Martin) the bang-for-buck value. Now let's dust off the surfboard and service the VW camper and get out there and make some music with it. Watch the sunrise...

The Diaspora- friends and collaborators - August 11, 2007

Trevor Shipston is a Bass and Guitar Player and songwriter who forms the other half of The Barefoot Pilots (see later blog note.) He can usually be found underwater because his other career is as a scuba diver. He's probably 300 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean as you read this in fact...

Rupert Cobb helps with production and has played the odd trumpet part too. Look in the links to others to find out more at
Bethany Weimers is a UK based singer-songwriter and contributes vocals and backing vocals on a number of tracks too. Find out more about Bethany at

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