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dave lewis: MUSIC

Tidal Love (2007)

Dave Lewis
Ah yes- a drink, some sunshine, the water gently lapping around your ankles. Nice vibe, beautifully produced, great BVs from Suzanne and Bethany. Wonder who did the rest?
Tidal Love

My love waits for me
Down by the riverside where it meets the sea
My lonely love wait patiently
Kick your shoes off wet your feet down by the quay
This lonely love brings to my mind
Like wood from afar drifting by drifting on the tide

Tidal love
A distant love
A new found land
My tide goes drifting away, drifting away, drifting away

My tidal love come sail with me
Away from the beach come away far out to sea
A distant love just a memory
Like a swirling wind turns a ship into the sea

Tidal love etc

By the waterside down by the quay
Like a ship in full sail turn about into the sea
Sweet dreams from a bough swing swing from a tree
I’ll wait for my love to come on down and rescue me

Tidal love etc

My tidal love come sail with me
Away from the beach turn about into the sea
My tidal love, my, my, my…