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dave lewis: GUESTS

Wendy Page

April 2, 2016

Cool sounds from welsh wonder lewis the dave. Shiver me timbers...;)

Rachel Alleyne

January 7, 2013

Hello David!
Hope your well! Was updating my website and took a look at your link again! I love the new look! Hope you are well, and just to let you know I have an google ad account which will bring us both more visits ( Hopefully )!
Great website!
Best Rachel

Steve D

September 6, 2010

Nice site. Good music. Enjoyed viewing and listening. You are a very creative dude. I came here looking at the DCX1rE review. I bought one too. I do like a martin for the little money I have to spend on it. Really nice neck got me and the deep warm tone. Cheers and good luck Dave. I will listen more...


June 10, 2010

At last, I've got around to having a listen. Cool music and website !!


June 10, 2010

Hi Dave,
really cool sound, love it!!! thanks for sharing


June 6, 2010


I love the new website and accompanying music!

Hope all is well.

Kind Regards,


John Haberfield

February 13, 2010

Keep music Live! Rock on Dave!

Dave Lewis

February 5, 2010

Thanks for the comments. I welcome your thoughts on anything that is posted on this site- musica and musing alike.


Beth Lewis

May 31, 2009

Love the 12 string ! Thanks for being such a talented musician and keeping the home a happy place.